Sonny Chiba

Sonny Chiba has become one of the greatest living exponents of the fighting arts and has firmly established himself as a key anti-hero of Asian martial arts cinema.


It would be difficult to recount the 1970’s martial arts boom without thinking of Sonny Chiba who said little and used his fists to sort out his troubles. With the demand high from keen action fans, he remained remarkably busy on in numerous Japanese film & TV productions with an emphasis on bruising fights, samurai swords, Yakuza gangsters and pretty girls in trouble. 


Proficient in karate, judo & kendo, Chiba became an icon by starring in the “Street Fighter” trilogy and “The Executioner”. Quentin Tarantino considers Sonny a personal hero of his and cast him as Hattori Hanzo in “Kill Bill: Vol: 1”. Recently, Sonny Chiba joined an incredible ensemble in the action/thriller “Sushi Girl”.